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High added-value products for dynamic markets

A major European primary aluminium production player with 300,000 tonnes of annual aluminium production, Aluminium Dunkerque is specialised in the production of slabs and ingots in a wide variety of alloys for high added value applications in the automotive, transport and packaging sectors in particular.

Aluminium Dunkerque produces two types of products::

Rolling mill slabs

They mainly supply:

The packaging sector

yoghurt lids, pet food cans, beverage cans, coffee capsules, household aluminium foil, medication blisters, …

The transport sector

External and internal bodywork, heat exchangers, electric vehicle battery electrodes, tanks, …

The construction and public works sector:

Lighting, architecture, signage, …

The consumer goods market:

Luggage, razor blades, …

Slabs represent 80% of the company’s production, i.e. 240,000 tonnes of slabs per year.

Alloy ingots

Alloy ingots of which 100% are for the automotive sector to produce wheels, cylinder heads, electric motor casing, axle parts, brake callipers, electric vehicle battery housings, …

Ingots represent 20% of the company’s production, i.e. 60,000 tonnes per year.

Made from our aluminium

A few examples of how our slabs and ingots are used:

Our markets

Dynamic markets in several sectors


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