Our CSR strategy

An industrial flagship committed to a sustainable planet

Since its creation in 1991, Aluminium Dunkerque has been conceived and designed as a pioneering company in many areas. Industrially, of course, but also in terms of work organisation, employment and respect for the environment at a time when societal issues were not at the forefront of preoccupations as they are today.

This strong commitment by both Senior management and employees has grown over the decades to become the hallmark of our company, a source of pride for our teams. Social and environmental issues have become more crucial than ever and Aluminium Dunkerque intends to further strengthen its efforts to limit the impact of its activity and play an active part in the transformation of society.

Aluminium is a key energy transition resource, making vehicles lighter and encouraging the development of renewable energies. Easily recyclable, it contributes to the development of a circular economy which uses less energy and resources.

To produce it, Aluminium Dunkerque already emits five times less greenhouse gases than the global average for the sector, and is further accelerating its energy and environmental transition. Within the framework of European climate law and at the heart of a region pioneering the decarbonisation of industry under the France 2030 programme, our company has set itself an ambitious “Low Carbon Trajectory” to 2050. To achieve it, we interact with all our stakeholders, first and foremost our local partners and our customers who increasingly demand low-carbon aluminium.

Alongside this major long-term challenge, our company also remains very committed to the everyday reduction of emissions and the preservation of resources, which has resulted in a renewal of all our certifications. We are also continuing our efforts in the area of energy efficiency and increasing our investments to develop recycling and improve our product quality.

People have been at the heart of our concerns for over 30 years and we are placing ever greater emphasis on the safety, health, training and skills development of our employees. In our ecosystem, we are also committed to supporting and assisting an increasing number of local initiatives, especially those that promote employment and young people.

Environmental policy

A company watchful of its environmental impact
since its foundation

Environmentally, the company is especially attentive to limiting its water consumption, maintaining air quality and recycling its waste.

An active company


Water is a precious resource and Aluminium Dunkerque has set itself the target of reducing its consumption by 30% between 2019 and 2030. Measuring and controlling its consumption very precisely, the company hunts down leaks and wastage, and recycles its process water.


To control its atmospheric emissions, Aluminium Dunkerque has acquired the best available techniques and makes sure excellence is maintained in the quality of its operations.


0 non-recycled waste is the ambitious target the company has set itself for 2050. To achieve that, it is working on reducing waste at source and looking for new recycling sectors.


Beyond these challenges, Aluminium Dunkerque is attentive to protecting biodiversity.
Actions have been implemented to minimise and offset the impact of our activities on the ecosystems around us and we have given ourselves 5 years to complete an ambitious project.

Climate change

The impact of climate change on our activity has been a subject of concern for several years. Today , we are extending our thought process to our customers and suppliers through a global forward-looking study.

Means of transport

Finally, our raw materials mainly arrive by ship, and over half of our production is shipped by rail, the least carbon intensive means of transport.

Aluminium Dunkerque has set up an environment management system (ISO 14001), an energy management system (ISO 50001) and a CSR management system (ASI).

These systems guarantee the continuous improvement
of our environmental practices.

Social policy

Inclusion, diversity and equality

On the social and societal levels, Aluminium Dunkerque is highly attentive to all its stakeholders and takes care to integrate into its ecosystem with respect and commitment.

Aluminium Dunkerque has made safety its absolute priority and every year conducts projects to improve working conditions for its employees. The know-how, experience and progress of every employee are also major challenges and professional training is an essential lever. Aluminium Dunkerque implements proactive policies in terms of diversity and professional equality.

The company promotes women in all its trades. It takes action in education, takes part in trade fairs and is a member of the Industri’ELLE collective which aims to change the image of industry among women.

The company’s age pyramid means that 40% of its workforce will be replaced over the next 10 years. It is investing heavily in the search for, induction and integration of new talent, as well as the smooth transfer of skills and corporate culture. To help develop employability in the Dunkirk area, Aluminium Dunkerque takes part in a number of events and forums and regularly organises job dating. The company recruits around thirty work-study students every year.

Sustainable development

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