Our energy challenges

Electricity is the main energy source used at Aluminium Dunkerque, accounting for an average of 97% of our energy bill. The company uses almost 4TWh of electricity per year, making the site the largest industrial electricity consumer in France.

Electricity, a crucial issue

The energy efficiency of our processes has therefore always been part of our operating models. Much has already been done to improve our energy efficiency.

Teams of experts are constantly working on this issue, which has now been taken on board by everyone in the company.

Thanks to this collective effort, Aluminium Dunkerque is now one of the world’s most energy-efficient aluminium producers and has one of the lowest kWh consumed per tonne of aluminium produced. The carbon content of our electricity is also much lower than that of most of our international competitors.

Aluminium Dunkerque operates in a sector where international competition is intense and where not all players are subject to the same regulations, particularly in terms of the environment. Access to low-carbon electricity at a competitive price is therefore a major strategic challenge for us.

Our decarbonisation project

Low-carbon aluminium, a major challenge

Our CSR strategy

An industrial flagship committed to a sustainable world