Sustainably producing low carbon aluminium in France for new consumer modes and mobility to create a world that is more respectful of the planet and those who live on it.

Virtuous aluminium for a sustainable world

Decarbonisation: a major challenge

Committing to our region

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For a low-carbon, resilient and competitive European aluminium industry

European Aluminium, the association representing the aluminium industry in Europe, has published a manifesto highlighting the importance of the sector in contributing to the European Union’s commitment to achieve carbon neutrality by 2040.

Refinancing and environmental responsibility

Aluminium Dunkerque has obtained new bank loans totalling the equivalent of $375 million, enabling it to fully refinance its previously contracted debts.

Full house for Aluminium Dunkerque’s Job Dating event in Calais

On Wednesday 27 March, Aluminium Dunkerque organised its first Job Dating event at the Epopée stadium in Calais. It was one of the company’s first explorations outside the Dunkirk area.

Our certifications

A major primary
aluminium producer
in Europe

Aluminium Dunkerque

designs, produces and markets low-carbon and circular aluminium.

Aluminium Dunkerque specialises in the production of slabs and ingots in a wide variety of alloys for high added-value applications in the automotive, transport and packaging sectors in particular.

Aluminium is a strategic metal for the environmental transition, and Aluminium Dunkerque is one of the world leaders in the production of low-carbon aluminium. The company has reduced its emissions by 17% (scope 1,2) since 2013 and emits four times less greenhouse gases than the global average for the sector.

On the strength of those achievements, we intend to play a major role in European low-carbon aluminium production for the benefit of our customers and our communities. Which is why we are accelerating our energy and environmental transition in line with the COP21 objectives.