Working together to accelerate decarbonization

Organized by Reuters Event in Amsterdam on May 22 and 23, 2024, the “Industrial Decarbonisation Europe” meeting brought together European leaders from sectors whose carbon footprint is difficult to reduce, to foster collaboration around Net Zero action on an industrial scale.
250 decision-makers gathered around more than 45 industry-leading speakers, including Guillaume de Goÿs, President of Aluminium Dunkerque, who took part in the round table dedicated to sustainable metal production. He emphasized Aluminium Dunkerque’s strong commitment to decarbonization through the LOWCAL project, and stressed the importance of forging local and national strategic partnerships to develop capture technology and transport/store CO2. Guillaume de Goÿs also emphasized that everyone’s commitment is an integral part of this project, which relies as much on day-to-day continuous improvement as on disruptive innovation.

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